Nepalbhasha Classes Online

From April 13th 2020, Pasa Puchah Guthi UK London started its bi-weekly Nepalbhasha (Newah language / Newah Bhaye) Classes 6:30-7pm online through Facebook Live and it’s official YouTube Channel.

This online class is a replacement for in-person Nepalbhasha classes which had started last year but could not be continued due to lockdown during COVID-19 pandemic. The online classes started with re-cap of each of the lessons from the last year.

Our Facebook Group for Live videos is here.
Our official YouTube channel is here,
and the Nepalbhasha playlist for all bi-weekly classes is here.

The class is tutored by President Sanyukta Shrestha with a different topic in each class of around 30 minutes in an interactive way with viewers joining the FB Live. The classes also welcome guest tutors for various interesting and important topics by experts and researchers.