Guthi Minecraft Server

On 13th April 2020, Pasa Puchah Guthi UK London launched Guthi Minecraft Server for kids and their enhancement of creative and technical skills, teamwork, knowledge-sharing and fun-time during the otherwise exhausting lockdown period due to COVID-19. The server runs 6-8pm every day, and most children take a break on Saturday or any other day/s of their choice.


Guthi Minecraft Server is FREE for all members of PPGUK and all its branches.

To join the server, please download the Java Edition of Minecraft (for Desktop) from:

If you do not own a Minecraft account already, the download cost is £17.95 and it’s for lifelong use, a perfect gift for your child to learn, build and make new friends!

Once installed, please use the following login details to enter the Guthi Minecraft Server  using following details:

This is a perfectly safe place for our kids, continuously monitored by Guthi and only members are allowed.

For the year 2020-2021, folllowing kids have already won a medal each for completed one full year of building Guthi Minecraft projects like Swoyambhu, Nyatapola, Big Ben, Xmas tree, Guthi logo and the ambitious Nepal Minecraft Museum. The medal engraves their full name with the title of Guthi Minecraft Hero 2021 and are posted to there respective home addresses.


View some of their projects here in this playlist: