PPGUK London’s 21st Annual General Meeting

London, 4th September 2022


On Sunday, September 4, 2022, PPGUK London organised its 21st Annual General Meeting (AGM) at Nepal Authentic dining, Boston Parade. It concluded the term of 2020-2022, elected new executive committee and marked the start of a new term of 2022-2024.


On this occasion, PPGUK London also received the Certificate of Appreciation from “Loksahitya Parishad” in recognition of the financial assistance provided in the construction of the society’s building in 2021.

The accounts of 17 events that were organised; 13 virtual and 4 physical events, during the term, was presented by the General Secretary Pranisha Shakya Joshi and the financial report was presented by the Treasurer, Sabita Manandhar. President Ms Rukmani Manandhar thanked the Executive members, advisors and general members for their support during her tenure.

The election committee of the founder members Mr Balmukund Joshi, Mr Shashidhar Manandhar, and Mr Amrit Ratna Sthapit conducted the election to elect the executive members for 2022-2024.

Altogether 15 members were elected for the executive committee for 2022-2024, details of which are below:

Position Names
President Rukmani Manandhar
Vice-President Ojesh Singh
Vice-President Pranisha Shakya
General Secretary Lisa Dali Shrestha
Joint Secretary Manish Joshi
Treasurer Sabita Manandhar
Joint Treasurer Rosy Manandhar
Cultural Secretary Aastha Joshi Batajoo
Sports Secretary Kiran Manandhar
Executive Member Amita Shrestha
Executive Member Mandira Manandhar
Executive Member Angeela Shrestha
Executive Member Pablika Shrestha
Executive Member Madhusudan Kayastha
Executive Member Sandeep Tuladhar


Newah Samay Baji (Baji, Chhoye-laa, Lain Achar, Bhuti, Alu Kaauli, Musya, and Lava-Palu) was served for the lunch and the event was attended by 20 people.