Ranjana Script Workshop in Reading

Reading, 12th May 2019

Pasa Puchah Guthi UK Reading organised a Ranjana script workshop at 373 London Road, Reading, RG1 3PB in the presence of 25 enthusiastic learners. President of PPGUK Reading Ms Janaki Kayastha welcomed everyone and announced the commencement of the workshop.

The workshop was conducted by Ranjana script tutor Ms Pranisha Shakya, the Culture Secretary of PPGUK London. She started with a brief introduction of Ranjana script and its importance, and moved on to train the learners in writing the vowels and consonants using which they learnt to write ‘Pasa Puchah Guthi’. Students were also taught how to write their first names under Ms Shakya’s supervision.

The workshop was also attended by PPGUK Reading executive committee including Vice-President Mr Divya Maharjan, General Secretary Ms Manjila Shrestha, Joint Secretary Ms Apsara Shrestha and Treasurer Mr Laxman Shrestha, and Executive members Ms Lalita Shrestha, Ms Rajani Shrestha, Ms Sazana Shrestha and Sumitra Shrestha. Advisors Mr Sudarshan Shrestha, Mr Yadav Shrestha and Mr Rajendra Shrestha also graced the workshop with their kind presence.

The event was coordinated PPGUK Board of Trustees, while a vote of thanks was delivered by PPGUK Reading President Ms Janaki Kayastha.