Mha Puja 2010 and New year N.S. 1131

London- Nov 6, 2010

Pasa Puchah Guthi UK(PPGUK) organized Mha Puja and New year N.S. 1131 celebration on Saturday 6 November 2010  at Oakington Primary School, Wembley. The event which marked the 10th anniversary of the only Newah ethnic and cultural community in the UK was inaugurated by chief guest Dr Padma Ratna Tuladhar. The function was also attended by General Sercetary of Nepali congress Prakash Man Singh, Nepalese Ambassador to the UK Dr Suresh Chandra Chalise, PPGUK advisor Prof David Gellner, founder members of the Guthi, presidents of Guthi’s branches and around 400 guests from all England.

The door was opened at 1 PM and the program started at 2 PM. The event featured various cultural and traditional dances representing Newa culture, and concluded with an authentic lapatay bhwaye, where food is served to you, one item after another, on the leaf-plate, lapte, while you are seated, traditional feast of the Newahs.

During the formal section of the program, chief guest Dr Padma Ratna Tuladhar described the richness of Newa culture and heritage and emphasized on the need to preserve Newah culture and Nepalbhasa through practice in the foreign land. President, Dr Sachetan Tuladhar put light upon the need of showing united front for Newah to move forward.

The departing guest were given Masala-Po, an essential traditional packet in Mha-puja consisting of different nuts, dates, and chocolates.

They were also given Guthi magazine, an annual magazine published by PPGUK.