PPGUK Earthquake Relief

Since the 7.9 magnitude earthquake struck Nepal on Saturday 25th April
2015, Pasa Puchah Guthi UK (PPGUK) have strived to assist the
relief effort for the people of Nepal. The Executive Committee, whereby a call for collections was made through
the social media site, Facebook, took immediate action. Here, small
businesses run by Guthi members around West London were used as
collection points for those wishing to donate items such as clothes,
medication and food. A call for monetary donations was also set up
by PPGUK. Following is a brief update on our activities so far:

Relief Collection:

• Total Cash Collected: £10,709.15
– £7032.15 into PPGUK account, £1622 into GoFundMe account of Guthi member,
Dr. Nikki Shakya and £2055 raised by Dr. Sachetan Tuladhar and
Dr. Pabitra Shakya Tuladhar.

• Medical supplies collected: 200 Kg of medication.
• Guthi members Mr. Bimal Kachipati and Mrs. Ganga Kachipati collected
approximately 70 Kg of medical supplies from NHS Surrey.
• Over 10,000 Kg of clothes and shoes donated at various collection points
across London. • Over 500 Kg of relief materials collected from Sheffield University and
Nepali Society in the University. • Over 100 blankets were donated at Monty’s Restaurant, Kingston.

Relief Distribution:

• 100 tents Distributed in Kavre.
• 100 tents Distributed in Nuwakot.
• 100 tents Distributed in Gorkha.

Rice and other essentials:
• 45 bags of rice were distributed in the village of Pangtang.
• 70 bags of rice and 224 Kg of lentils were distributed to 70 families in
Bhimsen Tole, Bhaktapur.
• Rice (22 sacks, 30 Kg each), lentils (110 Kg), salt (20 packets) and biscuits
(2 cartons) were distributed to 22 Dalit families in Sirdi Tole (ward no. 8),
Gorkha. The fund donated by Himalayan Kasturi, Sussex (Indu Lal Shakya) was
also used to distribute these items.
• 25 bags of rice, sugar, lentils, chiura (50 Kg each), salt (50 packets) and
biscuits (50 packets) were distributed to 25 families in Babiyagaun
(ward no.8), Devichaur, Bungamati.

Medical supplies:
• 2 boxes of medical supplies were donated to Bibeksheel Nepali.
• Over 50 Kg of medical supplies, including solar lights and water purifiers
were donated to Nepal Mandala.

Cash Donations:
• £1500 was donated to ground volunteers for immediate distribution of relief
materials in Bhaktapur, Bungamati and Gorkha (co-ordinated by Dr. Sachetan
Tuladhar and Dr. Pabitra Shakya Tuladhar).

• NRs 1,50,000 Donated to Nepal Mandal Relief Campaign.
• NRs 1,50,000 Donated to Newah Nuga: for ‘Shelter for Earthquake Victims’
• NRs 2,00,000 pledged (donated NRs, 1,00,000, already) for reconstruction of
Saraswoti Peace School, in Arupokhari, Gorkha.

Other activities:

• Newah Feast Workshop: Collaborated with Yak Bites to organise a workshop
on cooking a Newah Feast on 10th May 2015 at Nepalese Tandoori Restaurant.
This event raised £250.

• ‘ArtQuake’: Supported an art exhibition, Artquake, on 16th May 2015, at
October Gallery with logistics, artists and catering which raised more
than £5000.

• Cricket for Nepal: Supported Cricket for Nepal event at Kew Cricket Club
on 30th May 2015, which helped raise more than £600.

• ‘London to Nepal’: Supported a fundraising event by London Metropolitan
University on 18th June 2015. PPGUK were invited to perform a Pulun Kisi
procession whilst Guthi member, Ms. Preetie Kachipati performed a dance to
‘Nepal ki Chhori’.

Future Plans:

• Fund raising: PPGUK plan to continuously raise funds from its regular events
such as the Annual Picnic, Mha-Puja, Annual General Meeting and other events
throughout the year.

• Collaborations: PPGUK plan to collaborate with various Nepali and non-Nepali
organisations to support and continue raising funds towards the Nepal
Earthquake appeal.

• Heritage Restoration: PPGUK aim to contribute towards the rebuilding and
restoration of Newah Heritage sites that were damaged.

Media Coverage:

The Guardian
The team of Mr. Ojesh Singh (Vice President), Ms. Tribeni Gurung (General Secretary)
and Dr. Sachetan Tuladhar (Past President) were interviewed by
The Guardian Newspaper: http://www.theguardian.com/world/2015/may/15/pasa-puchah-guthi-nepal-earthquakes-relief-london

The impact of the interview among the British public was very positive.
PPGUK managed to accumulate more than £2000 in PPGUK account and further
donations of clothing and essential items after the publication of the interview.

Mr. Singh was also interviewed by the BBC:

Nepal Online News
An interview with Mr. Singh was published on Newah Online news: http://tiny.cc/ypeezx

Nepal Mandal Relief Campaign:
Donations made by PPGUK to Nepal Mandal was also covered on Nepal Mandal’s website: http://nmrelief.org/donation-types/cash/

DREAMS Magazine:
PPGUK have been in close contact with members of DREAMS magazine – an online
magazine for Nepali youths – in order to help distribute the relief materials.
Further to this, Dr. Tuladhar, has also raised money on behalf of the Guthi
whereby he has coordinated the relief effort in the Bhaktapur, Bungamati
and Gorkha area to help people purchase food and essential items.

Mr. Singh, visited Nepal immediately after the earthquake where he met with
key organisations and community groups to understand how the Guthi can
assist the redevelopment in Nepal and in the long run, the cultural
heritage sites within Kathmandu valley.