Interaction with Central Dept of NepalBhasha, T.U.

Kathmandu – Dec 10, 2012

President of Pasa Puchah Guthi UK (PPGUK) Mr Balmukund Joshi had an interaction with Central Department of NepalBhasha
(Tribhuvan University) at Patan Multiple Campus, Patan, attended by various campus authorities including the Campus Chief
Prof Tulsi Lal Singh. The interaction was focussed on practical means of preservation and development of NepalBhasha, one
of the richest languages in world cultural history, also recognized as one of the National languages of Nepal.

During the interaction, President Joshi emphasized on the importance of bilateral relation between organizations based in
Nepal and the UK for the preservation of Nepalese culture and heritage. He presented an overview of the state of Nepalese
cultural community in the UK, and mentioned that Nepalese living in the UK have been doing their best in the preservation
of Nepalese culture despite various hardships.

During the interaction, Mr Joshi handed over ‘PPGUK Scholarship Fund’ for two postgraduate (M.A.) students and ‘Vaidya Panna
Prasad Joshi Scholarship ‘ for one postgraduate (M.A.) student in NepalBhasha. ‘Vaidya Panna Prasad Joshi Scholarship’ was
personally established by Mr Joshi in the memory of his late grandfather Vaidya Panna Prasad Joshi, compiler of the oldest
known NepalBhasha dictionary.

On behalf of PPGUK and Master Oneek Singh, Mr Joshi also handed over a computer to Sunita Junu Rajbhandari for the use of
Newah Museum located at Patan Multiple Campus. It was donated by Vice-President of PPGUK Mr Ojesh Singh under the joint
names of PPGUK and his son Oneek Singh.