On 12th November 2015, Pasa Puchah Guthi UK (PPGUK) organised Nepal Samvat 1136 celebration programme at the Embassy of Nepal, Notting Hill, London. The event was held to mark the first day of the national lunar calendar of Nepal and according to this calendar, Nepal Samvat is celebrated on the first day of Kachala in the month of Kartik (October/November) or on the fourth day of Tihar. Nepal Samvat is a significant aspect of Hindu and Buddhist culture that determines religious, social and cultural events.

PPGUK General Secretary, Miss. Tribeni Gurung opened the programme by welcoming guests, and also introducing the elements of the event. The programme then commenced with a speech delivered by President of PPGUK Board of Trustees (BOT), Mr. Mahanta Bahadur Shrestha. Mr Shrestha highlighted the importance of Nepal Samvat and also thanked the younger generation for following it up by celebrating the event.

Following on from this, Mr. Kapil Shrestha, President of PPGUK London, thanked the Nepalese Embassy for the opportunity to celebrate New Year Nepal Samvat in a Diplomatic venue and promised to keep fighting for Nepal Samvat and its implementation.

PPGUK Reading President, Mr. Sudharshan Shrestha, also addressed the importance of maintaining the Newah culture abroad and emphasised that the Nepali community in the UK should try and encourage the younger generation to speak Nepali and Nepal Bhasha.

Dr. David Gellner, one of the Advisors of PPGUK, was also present at the event. He spoke of his love and passion for Nepal and its people, amongst recalling his days as a youth in Nepal. He encouraged the Nepalese people not to be disheartened about the current situation in Nepal and instead to explore how to overcome this difficult time.

Chief Guest of the event, acting Ambassador, Mr. Tej Bahadur Chhetri expressed his amazement at how the Newah community have consistently strived to maintain the Newah culture and heritage in the UK.

The second segment of the event started with Newah Dhun performed by Mr. Basanta Rayachhetri and Mr. Madan Thapa, founder President of Kosheli Cultural Fusion.

PPGUK Vice President, Mr. Ojesh Singh then gave a presentation on Nepal Samvat: he introduced Nepal Samvat, the history and its struggle.

This was followed by a presentation by BOT Vice-President and Past General Secretary of PPGUK, Mr. Sanyukta Shrestha. He presented a trailer of Yantrakala’s animated short film “The Legend of Shankhadhar”. The film is a biopic on Shankhadhar Shakhwa, an ordinary merchant from Kathmandu who cleared everyone’s debt and started Nepal’s original era, Nepal Samvat, on 20th October 879 AD. The film will be made in both Nepal Bhasha and English and will be released on Nepal Samvat celebration, next year, NS.1137. The programme concluded with Miss. Gurung thanking all guests for attending the event, followed by Newah refreshments being offered to all those present.