Guthi Seminar 2013

London – 26th May 2013

Pasa Puchah Guthi UK (PPGUK) organised their second Guthi Seminar at School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), London on
26th May 2013 under the theme of ‘Newahs in Contemporary UK Society’.

The programme commenced with PPGUK’s Vice President, Ojesh Singh, welcoming the audience. He emphasised that the Newah
community is open for everyone, irrespective of their racial and ethnic background. He also read out a message from
President-on-leave Balmukund Prasad Joshi to all the guests and organizers.

Dr. Nathan Hill gave an introduction to the seminar in which he expressed his surprize to see the various professional careers
pursued by Newahs in the UK. He also suggested a number of potential projects through which Newahs could contribute
towards the development of their community.

The seminar focused on presentations from Newah professionals who displayed their work, projects and insight into their chosen
careers. Twelve speakers were drawn in from several disciplines including; Engineering, Sciences and Humanities. Speakers
included: Dr. Binod Lal Amatya, Ms. Tribeni Gurung, Er Bijaya Bajracharya, Er Alka Bajracharya, Dr. Sachetan Tuladhar,
Mr. Sujit Hari Tha Shrestha, Ms. Preetie Kachipati, Dr. Prithvi Shrestha, Dr. Sujan Rajbhandari, Mr. Sushil Pradhan,
Mr. Roshan Lal Shrestha and Dr. Tri Ratna Tuladhar.

While the seminar was structured in three different sessions, each session was chaired by; PPGUK’s founding president
Amrit Sthapit, committed PPGUK member Bijaya Bajracharya and immediate past President Dr. Sachetan Tuladhar
respectively. Each presentation lasted between 15-20 minutes followed by 5 minutes of a question and answer session.

During the event, guests were offered breakfast, lunch and tea breaks allowing members of the audience as well as the
presenters to interact with one another.

PPGUK’s Advisor, Prof David Gellner, delivered a keynote speech in which he stated that he was highly impressed with the
work that Newahs are involved in. He also presented his research on Nepalese in the UK, on the theme of religion and
how this can be distinguished with the concept of ‘dharma’.

PPGUK’s General Secretary, Sanyukta Shrestha, concluded the Guthi Seminar by thanking members of the audience, presenters
and all those involved to make the Guthi Seminar 2013 a grand success.

Presenters and guests were invited for a dinner at the end of the event and were bid farewell.