Annual Guthi Picnic 2013

London – Nepal Samvat 1133 Dillaagaa: Saptami

Around a hundred members and supporters of Pasa Puchah Guthi UK (PPGUK) joined its annual picnic with great enthusiasm at
Northolt Golf Club, Northolt. This fun-filled day commenced with delicious breakfast before moving on to a number of exciting
indoor and outdoor games for children and adults. Numerous families took part in these games which included marble and
spoon race, musical chairs and tug of war, while the audience also consisted of many elderly guests including 80-years-old
Mrs Jeevan Devi Amatya. Making the best use of this year’s amazing summer, many enthusiasts went for hiking in the four hills
located next to the golf club.

Supporters of the Guthi, Mr Maila Mali, Mr Tara Gurung and their team of volunteers provided a superb barbecue which was
highly enjoyed by guests throughout the sunny afternoon. Throughout the day, PPGUK supporter and artist Ms Namuna Shahi
volunteered by offering free face painting to the young Guthi members. Also present at the event were PPGUK Founders
Arjun Pradhan and Shashidhar Manandhar, Past President Dr Sachetan Tuladhar, PPGUK Board of Trustees (BOT) President
Mr Mahanta Bahadur Shrestha, PPGUK BOT Vice President Mr Kapil Shrestha and PPGUK BOT Representative Mr Kumar Shrestha.

In the evening, guests were provided authentic bhwoye (Newah feast) which added a traditional flavour to this vibrant gathering.

Towards the final leg of the continuous entertainment, guests actively participated in bingo. The picnic concluded with PPGUK
President Mr Balmukund Prasad Joshi thanking all volunteers and supporters before handing over exciting prizes to the games
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